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About us

Why we started Ai Innovative Products®

Our mission

At Ai Innovative Products® we know that you want to be the best version of yourself. The calm, cool, collected version of yourself. In order to do that, you need to actually be calm, cool, and in control. The problem is mess, clutter, inorganization, and home products that simply make your life harder make you feel overwhelmed, out of control, and a mess!

We believe your living space should not be a source of stress, mess, or clutter. Rather, it should be a place of relaxation helping you to recharge so you can focus on being the best you. We understand feeling overwhelmed and out of control is a basic feeling most feel when their living space is a mess and cluttered. That is why we created Ai Innovative Products® to provide comfort, ease, and organization to your life one product at a time.

Leave the comfort, ease, and organization to us so you can focus on being the best you!

The founder

Hello, I’m Alivia the founder of Ai Innovative Products.

The story of how we began is very simple. Ai Innovative Products was started out of pure necessity! I am a wife, mom, professional, and now inventor. You can imagine my days are super busy. One day I came home from work excited to see the kids but after walking in to see the mess, my excitement turned into frustration! I saw messy throw blankets all over the place. So I walked into the family room, picked up a throw blanket off the floor then started to fold it up for what felt like the millionth time. I folded it up into a small square then placed it in the corner of the sofa, then I grabbed a throw pillow and placed over the folded throw blanket, completely covering up the throw blanket. And booooom, right there Blankillow was conceived!

I thought why don’t we have a throw blanket that stores inside a throw pillow!? I searched all over but nothing existed, so I created my own product to solve my own problem! Now I am sharing Blankillow and all my creations with you! Every single product created by Ai Innovative Products was created first to solve my own problem. I realize now how many other people share the same problems!

I truly hope you enjoy each and every product as they are made with lots of care!



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