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Giving back

How we're doing our part in the
fight to end human trafficking

Ai Innovative Products® is giving back to communities all over the world, including in our own communities, right here in the United States.

We donate 5% off all net profits to nonprofit organizations helping in the fight to end human trafficking.

Your money will help not only to rescue children from human trafficking but also to bring life and healing back to the victims and their families. The nonprofits we donate to fight human trafficking help provide education, employment and help support and restore the lives of the survivors.

Lastly, these non-profits help combat human trafficking by supporting legislators that can enact legislation to combat human trafficking and help the survivors.

You notice in different airports you will hear warnings about human trafficking and how to get help immediately if you are a victim. This is where your money is going to give back to the world, so all children all over the world, and especially here in our own home, the United States, can grow up in a safe environment. We cannot do it alone, but together we can stop human trafficking!

Why did we choose human trafficking as our cause to give back?

We had an incident in 2019 in the parking lot of a local Target store where a group of men where parked next to my car. They had their lights off inside the car and outside the car, but the car door was wide open and parked next to my car. My daughter and I were walking out of Target after we finished shopping. It was starting to get dark as the sun was setting. I stopped the shopping cart immediately when I saw a car parked next to my car with the driver’s side door open but all the lights off in and outside of the car. As soon as the men saw me stop my cart, they immediately turned their headlights on and sped off completely out of the parking lot and exited on to the street.

I rushed to my car told my daughter to hurry get in the backseat, threw my bags in the car and as I am about to get into my car the car with the men in it comes racing towards me with their headlights off. I jumped in my car, turned the car on and literally floored it.

As I jumped in my car, they jumped out of their car trying to open my car door. I sped out of target going 90 mph, at least. I was in my husband’s car that was a very fast little car, so I was probably going 100 mph by the time I got onto the street. I hit a few red lights to get away and called the police. My daughter had a Starbuck’s hot chocolate with the lid securely still on but it spilled all over her because of how fast I sped off. These men were not trying to rob me, rather they were trying to kidnap my daughter and I. There is no way they would have come back if they were not trying to kidnap us.

Human Trafficking is real and it’s right here in our own backyards. This incent could have ended very differently for my daughter and I had we not gotten away. It was a matter of seconds between them jumping out of the car and me jumping in my car, turning it on and flooring it. Many women and children do end up being kidnapped, exploited, and tortured in the worse humanly possible ways.

We must do something to stop this horrific crime. This is why we are giving back to all the nonprofits battling the war of human trafficking. Now with your purchase of any product from Ai Innovative Products®, you will be helping the battle to stop human trafficking.



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